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Hi Twigsters,

Do you like a strategy game with simple gameplay? For those who seek tower defense, its time for you to take the role as one of the greatest generals to protect the city in the Kingdom Rush game! Arrangement and calculation play major part in every decision on a the real time tower defense. Good news, now you can start to play the game here on TRii! You can also check our preview on its features.

The king needs you to protect the city of Southport from an onslaught of evil creatures. They're out to destroy everything in their path, and a heroic defense is our best strategy. You must take a battalion to bolster the city's defenses.
Place towers carefully along the road to annihilate orcs, goblins, and other dark beings as they march or fly toward the kingdom's vulnerable castles and villages.



Every enemy you kill gives you gold to buy more defensive forces. If things get too messy, remember, you can always call in reinforcements! Upgrade your army to become more powerful; you can bet our enemies are doing the same. Grab your battle axe— save your fortress in Southport. Do your best to protect your lands! Good luck! 



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