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Mr Bow Archer Game Features


Mr Bowman is a stickman archer game was launched by CuCai-Studios and in a short time the game become very Popular in the Arcade category. However, the game still getting positive ratings from almost all the Arcade game lovers. Through this game, you would be able to become the legendary archer master and destroy the evil enemy archers.


You can also choose your bow and arrow and destroy the enemy stickman archers in this bowhunting game. where you can face many enemies with special bows. Drag and drop aim and shoot arrows at the enemies. A beautiful headshot can completely destroy an enemy or even two. Fight your way to get more and more ancient bows from your ancestor.


Features of Mr Bow:
Control: The game offers controlling systems with the addictive touch of hitting.
Easy control with addictive touch of hitting.
Multiple Heros: Also a roster of heroes with a unique ability.
A roster of heros with unique ability.
Weapons: Besides, various weapons to choose.
Gameplay: Further, easy controls and addictive gameplay
Graphics: Moreover, minimalistic graphics and theater animations

Search, aim, attack and kill evil bow hunters!



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