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Fantastic New Trailer Rush Rally 3


It was exactly a few weeks ago now that we told you Brownmonster’s highly-anticipated rally racing game Rush Rally 3 was finally finished up and would be launching on March 29th, and now today there’s a shiny new trailer to go along with that news. And it looks incredible, people! In it you’ll get a glimpse at the various environments you’ll be racing in, like the snow and rain, as well as some of the actual terrains you’ll race on like dirt and pavement. And if you suck at racing like me, the grass too. This can all happen at various times of day, including at night with your headlights shining. You also can see some of the different camera angles available in the game and the sense of speed, especially from that bumper camera, is just unreal. Finally, you also get a glimpse at the extensive car customization that’ll be available in Rush Rally 3.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, Rush Rally 3 is the sequel to 2016’s Rush Rally 2, which we absolutely loved in our review. It’s easily the best rally racing game on the App Store, and not just because there’s a severe lack of competition, but because it offered one heck of an experience and really nailed the physics of rally racing while remaining accessible to those of us who aren’t physicists. Rush Rally 2 also received an incredible amount of post-release support with updates that added in new content and even online multiplayer. Rush Rally 3 is basically everything its predecessor was but bigger and better, with new vehicles, new tracks, new modes, and more.



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