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Kingdom Rush Features


Hi Twigsters,

Kingdom Rush Origins is no different from most other tower defenses. Protect the entrance from enemy attacks with various towers provided. What makes Kingdom Rush Origins exciting is that each tower can turn into another type of tower that has specific capabilities. The combination of the capabilities of this tower will find out whether you have successfully resisted your opponent's attack or not. Each level can be said to have an answer key, but the process of finding the answer key is a pleasant process.


With a cartoonist and cute appearance, you might think that this is a casual tower defense. That was also what I thought about for the first time, but that impression immediately disappeared in the first level. Kingdom Rush Origins will invite you to stay active during the game. Starting from putting mercenaries along the map, upgrading, using power-ups at the right time, to moving the hero to where it is needed.


On April 25, 2012, Ironhide Game Studio released a new updated version of Kingdom Rush for Android and iOS devices that included new features and a new level.
Among these new features were a shop and a hero’s room. The shop provides items such as extra coins and dynamite that can be purchased through the winnings of gems in battle. The hero’s room provides a selection of heroes that aid in battle and can be obtained by passing levels. These heroes vary from defenders to archers and can be placed anywhere on the path.


What is certain is Kingdom Rush Origins is not a tower defense that will make you relax while watching your tower kill enemies one by one. 



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