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Hi Twigsters,

An endless-run game always inviting for us to try and it offer real excitement on mobile device. On previous article, we already take a look on Smashing Rush, a parkour themes game combine the move of Run, Jump and Dash. If you curious already, you can check our preview of the FeaturesWell, if you really want to play it, good news because you can get it on TRii portal now! Download Smashing Rush here 


Smashing Rush is a free-to-play game that is fun to play. Although the type of game is 2D seen from the side, but Smashing Rush has 3D graphics! Moreover, this game can also be played offline and there is no stamina / energy system that blocks players.

At the beginning of the game, players will be given a sum of money, where this money can be used to rotate the gacha machine. In this gacha machine, players can get characters randomly, so everyone could get different first character with another.


Simple control will allow you to fully utilize all the capabilities of the physical model, to reveal its potential. There are 3 modes you can try.
Smashing Rush's levels are hand crafted rather than randomised. This means that they have a deliberate pace and layout. Play it and don't forget tell us about the game on the Jobs Review!  




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