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Smashing Rush Endless Run Parkour Action Game


One popular genre for mobile gamers is an endless runner game like Temple Run and Lara Croft: Relic Run. But both titles are a 3D game runner that runs to the top. Well, Smashing Rush is an endless runner too, offering from Developre Cold Soda, which uses a 2D run method to the side, similar to games like Vector, Canabalat or Escape Lab.
Smashing Rush is indeed a slick, handsome endless runner. But what else does it have to offer?


The aim of the Smashing Rush game is to run or glide to the right while avoiding various kinds of obstacles thrown by the game to the player. The control method is just a touch screen, where the player can touch the left screen to jump, and touch the right screen to do a dash. The player's character will always run to the right without stopping, until finally he is hit by an obstacle that causes the game to end.

This Dash ability is unique, because by doing so, players can break through a wall. In addition to Dashing and jumping, players can also jump up a ninja-style wall by jumping back and forth between two nearby walls, hanging on a zip line, using horizontal bars, and so on.



You'll need to employ this limited move-set to bound through the game's constant roll of themed levels, avoiding spikes and pits, bounding off the odd wall, and collecting the occasional bonus pick-up.

The main driver of the game - aside from getting as far as you can on each run, of course - is acquiring each of the 21 different characters. These are pretty neat, showcase some iconic pop cult from a Power Ranger to a Bruce Lee-a-like, each with their own animations and sound effects.


But the differences between them are purely cosmetic. There's no real reason to grab them all unless you have a completionist streak.

Your character (which is randomly selected at the outset) runs from left to right. You tap the left side of the screen to jump (twice to double-jump) and the the right side of the screen to initiate a destructive dash.
So, if you want try another endless runner, Smashing Rush will take you to explore various stages of the game and cool parkour. Run, Jump, Dash and get Rush!



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