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Pearl Abyss Confirms Blade Desert Mobile 2019


One of the most anticipated MMORPG games by gamers since last year is Black Desert Online. The promising sandbox-oriented MMO specifically created to handle the fast rendering required for its seamless world and large-scale castle sieges. Developed by Korean studio, Pearl Abyss, the game released 2015 in Korea, Japan, Russia and then SEA 2018. Unfortunately, not all gamers are able to play the game, either because they don't play games at the computer, or inadequate PC specifications. This is what makes the Pearl Abyss decided to release the Mobile version.


Well, a lead have appear on the official Black Desert facebook. It says that the mobile version certainly will be released in 2019. But, the Pearl Abyss has not announced anytime the release schedule. Gamers who are looking forward to it need not worry, because a higher English version can be released this year.


When it was first released in South Korea, Pearl Abyss also said that the Black Desert Mobile was not only released for certain regions, but also launched for the global market. So, when the compilation was released the first time in South Korea, no need to wait longer for the global version of Black Desert Mobile.


So, it seems like just a matter of time for the Pearl Abyss to share further details. If there will be a special release in the Southeast Asia region, select Black Desert Mobile will also get an Indonesian version like the PC.



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