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Clash of Knights is fairly unique games that offer new gameplay. A slingshot-like RPG game! With nice anime fantasy characters, players can collect and set formation of a line of heroes and enter the battle. Summon an army of comrades to fight beside you to protect the world against the Demon Army and unravel the secrets and truths behind "Chronos." Following our news about Clash of Knights and Features, we are very happy to inform that you can play the game on TRii now !


BLAST through your enemies with a flick of your finger!  Watch your Heroes smash into enemies, dealing explosive combo damage or healing allies with a flick. Just flick, sling and charge!



Experience amazing high quality visuals and illustrations, creating an experience of an enchanting world! The game offers upgrade Various Heroes. Gather an array of different Heroes to battle against the Demon King's army! 

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Defeat monsters and your enemies with flicks of your finger!!



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