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Clash of Knights: Unique Slingshot RPG Style


Neowiz recently released a new game called Clash of Knights. This game carries the concept of a turn-based strategy that requires you to borrow the best strategy. In addition, Clash of Knights presents a system battle that is fairly unique in RPG. What makes it special is the gameplay mechanism which similiar to slingshot mode game.

inside soul of knight.jpg

Anyone doesnt know Angry Birds? In the game, you are asked to defeat a group of pigs that steal the eggs of the birds. To defeat them, you must throw various types of birds towards the pig by using a slingshot. Before throwing, you have to fix it correctly so that the bird is right about the pigs.

Well, the gameplay system was apparently adopted by Neowiz as the combat system of the Clash of Knights. In this game, you act as a Summoner who guides six heroes to fight. Unlike most mobile RPGs that use the tap system, you have to "throw" the hero you have to defeat the enemy.

gameplay clashofknight.jpg

In this game, you don't need a slingshot to throw a hero. All you have to do is swipe to the back of the hero, determine the direction of the hero according to the arrow that is visible, then release your thumb to throw the hero. When compared to most mobile RPGs, the combat system Clash of Knights is quite innovative. Besides that, this game can make you nostalgic with Angry Birds.



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