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Hi Twigsters,
After news about a game name Soul Knight and Features a good old-fashioned top-down shooter on the dungeon world. Soul Knight is a shooter with some roguelike elements, but it's also smart enough to include an upgrade system to give you a sense of progression.


Soul Knight has a simple control scheme with a virtual thumbstick on the left to move, and a button on the right to attack. Your weapon will automatically target the nearest enemy, but you don't want to just hold it down. Attacking uses energy, and you have a limited supply of that. Defeating enemies and finding power ups will replenish it, though.


The dungeons are randomly generated, but they get harder the more levels you make it through. Some rooms will be crawling with enemies that open fire en masse the moment you enter. Luckily, each character has a special ability that can be triggered in an emergency. You also have a regenerating shield that gives you a little leeway. Passing certain levels will also grant you temporary buffs that make your character stronger.



There are some other cool features of Soul Knight, like the NPC system which allows you to hire mercenaries you come across to accompany you through the dungeon. There are also shops, bonus drops, boss battles, and other surprises waiting down there. When you die, it's game over. You go back to the top level of the dungeon, but all is not lost. There are permanent upgrades that can be unlocked as you earn more in-game currency. In general, Soul Knight is a bit easier and more forgiving than other roguelike titles.



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