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CS:GO Now Free to Play!


Hi Twigters!

There's a good news for fans of CSGO!

Valve has just announced the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Danger Zone update, a free-to-play CSGO battle royale mode based on the classic shooter. Up to 18 players will travel to Blacksite and drop onto the map from a helicopter. Money, weapons and caches will drop from the sky, allowing users to pick up the ammunition needed to fight back.

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A post on the Valve website has all the information we know. To help locate enemies, you’ll have access to a tablet that will track enemy positions, where drops are coming from and where the Danger Zone is headed. You can also use the tablet to track where enemies are having their drone drops, allowing you to potentially pilfer the goods.

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Weapons will be from the  CS:GO arsenal, like the AK-47 and Desert Eagle. There will also be throwable weapons, C4 and the occasional Medi-Shot to help you recover quickly from damage.

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Players will be able to team up in duos or trios, or can just play by themselves. Matches last around 10 minutes, making it one of the shorter battle royales on the market.

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Special missions will allow you to earn cash in-game. These are the missions shown on the reveal page:

  • Safes contain cash. You don't have the combination, but you might have some C4…
  • Carry a hostage to the rescue zone to earn a cash bonus.
  • Contracts give you extra cash for eliminating a high value target.

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Playing Danger Zone with Prime Access and earning 250 experience nets you Souvenir MP5-SD | Lab Rats gun. There’a also a new Danger Zone case, containing 17 new weapon skins and Horizon Knives as unlockable items.

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CS:GO Danger Zone is live and free so try it now.

 Visit CSGO Official Website for more detail info

Stay tune on TRii for update!



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