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Dungeon Chef: Cooking RPG


Dungeon Chef tells the story of someone who inherites a restaurant from his grandfather. The place was once a legendary restaurant because his cuisine is known to be very tasty. Unfortunately, the restaurant was leave by its owner and became abandoned. Until finally emerged a guy who intends to revive this legendary restaurant as before.


Overall Dungeon Chef is like cooking games in general such as Cooking Mama and Dinner Dash. What make it difference is player can creates monsters as a recipe.

The developer Agate Studio makes the game system as simple as possible and doesn't need to be complicated. First, you should pay attention to what food the customer asks, then go find the monster, and bring their meat home to cook. Next, the user waits until the food is cooked and served directly to customers who have been waiting. Earnings and XP obtained from customers are a requirement to level up, open recipes and new food ingredients, and get monsters that are far more exciting to defeat.
So, it will be so much fun for play a cooking game and continue open new recipes and monsters! 



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