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Anyone Loves Game of Thrones?


Hello Twigsters,

Anyone know and loves to watch Game of Thrones?

Reigns: Game of Thrones will launches on Android on October 18th.

So if you’ve been really impatient to learn all about life as the one and only Jon Snow, you’re soon to find out.

Think you can do better? Well, you’ll soon get a chance to find out. This is the classic Tinder-like swiping gameplay but with a Game of Thrones twist.

They’ll present a problem and you have to swipe left or right to deal with it. Your affinity with the various different factions in the game will then change – for better or worse – based on your actions.

Balancing the different factions is where the challenge lies, and if you upset one too much, you’ll find your head detaches from your head faster than you can say Ned Stark.

If that sounds like a lot of fun to you, head on over to Google Play to pre-register for Reigns: Game of Thrones right now. It officially launches on Android October 18.



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