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Why must KiosPulsa?


Hi Twigters!

Why do you must to choose KiosDigital as the cashier application that you will use to manage your business?

Now, we will inform you the benefits that you will get from KiosDigital!

* Simple design

Digital Kios has a very simple design so that it can be used by anyone, no complicated use and very flexible.

Screenshot Image

* Online / Cloud Based

The latest Cloud Data System that allows you to monitor all reports and activities of the latest and real time cashiers from anywhere and anytime.

Related image

* Multi Branch and Multi User

Manage all branches and cashiers more easily because all of your branches and cashiers can be registered and monitored in real time.

Image result for multi user

* Digital Products

Want to get extra profit? Activate the "Produk Digital" feature and start selling pulses, PPOBs and other digital products very easily.

Screenshot Image

* Complete report

The Sales Report is presented in a very complete and accurate manner

Image result for report

* Backup and Security

Your data is encrypted with the latest technology and stored automatically periodically.

Image result for data backup

Stay tune on TRii for more updates about KD!




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