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Evolving Land Features & Gameplay


Evolving Land is a simple simulation game that invites players to build a new world by ecological elements. Player just have to click on. There will be weather, plants, zoo to be evolve to the next new level. 
Next, the player will create various characters, villages, towns, kingdoms. You will create a real world by yourself, experience ancient times, the Jurassic era and modern times. You can even go through the entire ecological evolution including human evolution in Evolving Land.

The game so simple and basic. Player have to manage start from square one of the 12 pieces of the block contains elements. 
The game interface consist 5 buttons which contain information the player need: Rally Reward, How To Play, Quest, Lucky Spin. While the activity will be play by the two button on below: the Chest and Store.

The Chest will produce elements that appear and you can place it on which block.
The, as the game progress , you can expand your land and evolve more elements.



 The more you play, the more excitements the stage to come in phase of Evolution :
▪ Weather
▪ Plants
▪ Animals
▪ Characters 
▪ Tools
▪ Architectures
▪ Mysterious elements

The game surely has basic gameplay but with very much probabilities that can create a new ecological combination of a planet you make.  



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